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May 4 – May 18

May 4th, 19:00 – 22:00

Emmy Skensved and Grégoire Blunt
Wolfgang Ganter
Melissa Steckbauer
Sara-Lena Maierhofer
Sabine Dehnel
Marion Auburtin

Performance by The Furious Golden Shower

Paulstr. 34
Berlin, Germany, 10557

The first of a series of experimental summer exhibitions at The Wand, Cutting in Soma will exhibit the work of various kinds of spliced and intersected bodies. Herein soma is taken to mean the body, both literally as the biological organism and metaphorically as it figures into culture, formal and aesthetic concerns, domestic structure, and gender.

Skensved and Blunt will address form and the house as a body by melding the skin of the gallery wall with the commonly used German wallpaper „Raufasertapete“; in majestic tableau format, Ganter’s work refers to the destructive forces of the accidental-biological; with her photographic works, Steckbauer first acknowledges the strength of intimacy in communication, and then undresses this visually through formal ornamentation and collage; Maierhofer investigates a full on immersion into culture via a foreign and altogether imagined body with her research into the fraud Christian Karl Gerhartsreiter, alias Clark Rockefeller; Dehnel skillfully tricks the viewer by manipulating our knowledge of various mediums: within handcrafted scenes she coolly splices the history of the painted figure into photography; and Auburtin grounds in a traditional approach by literally presenting the human being as a carved up, gem-like, and strictly biological thing. The band, The Furious Golden Shower, will forgo musical accompaniment and „perform“ their dress rehearsal at the opening by transmogrify themselves into gender queer witches.

For details please call +0049 (0)176 37331489